NoveNove 3XCH- Chameleon – Wave Thruster

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The new Chameleon has undergone a thorough transformation. Designed for those who want a thruster board with a radical attitude but still having acceleration on the wave combined with fast planing for those less optimum days. Featuring a new and original rocker line, we’ve also improved the top-speed for maximum performance in wavesailing and jumping. A flat section on the scoop line in the strap area area gives that overall performance one expects whilst a light tailkick gives that riding looseness to the board.The vee double concave hull for easy rail-to-rail turns and forgiveness allows riders to use the boards even with the single fin configuration and side-onshore conditions. In addition we have reached a perfect balance between buoyancy and maneuverability due to the accentuated maximum width and narrower nose and tail.

69 226 54.5 5.6 MFC TF- RTM 15/10 3.5/4.7
77 227 56.5 5.9 MFC TF- RTM 16/11 3.7/5.3
85 228 58.5 6.1 MFC TF- RTM 17/11 4.0/5.7
93 229 60.5 6.3 MFC TF- RTM 18/11 4.2/6.0
102 231 62.5 6.5 MFC TF- RTM 19/12 4.5/6.2
111 234 64.5 6.8 MFC TF- RTM 20/12 5.0/6.5

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