NoveNove “QUAD” Wave Hardcore

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The new 2015 Quad has been completely redesigned. The rocker-line has been modified with more curve under the front footstraps/mast section area and less tail kick in the tail to give additional acceleration and exceptional maneuverability compared to the previous generation.The hull features a full single concave in the front-mid section fading into a V double concave gradually into the tail. These attributes combined together with the rail shape help the board in full-power bottom turns and to reach the wave lip more vertically for off- the-top front side rides with improved smoothness through choppy waves and extra grip in extreme conditions. All of our market acclaimed 99 technologies have been bestowed into this Quad board, which represents the top end of the windsurfing range for pure wavesailing. The construction boasts a leap ahead in strength, weight and finish. Our best-selling wave board is ready to impress you once again!

70 226 54 5.7 MFC QD G10 200 3.5/4.7
78 227 56 5.9 MFC QD G10 250 3.7/5.3
86 228 58 6.2 MFC QD G10 300 4.0/5.7
94 230 60 6.4 MFC QD G10 350 4.2/6.0
101 232 62 6.6 MFC QD G10 400 4.5/6.2

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