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Welcome to the grand luxury freerace range of windsurfing. Shaped on our custom CAD/CAM system manufactured
in Italy for the past year with ‘Nanotech’ technology, this popular board is now available made from Cobra in Thailand with our industry famous construction for a more competitive price.

This free-slalom board is our little masterpiece. A full slalom rocker for boosting acceleration and top-speed inside a com- pact shape and combined with a small bi-concave from the front to the middle, transitioning to vee towards the tail gives the board greater comfort in the choppiest of conditions. The slim profile allows for less stressful power to the feet resulting in a bit control and ease-of-use compared to the full power pro slalom shape. With reduced width in the footstrap area the board jibes like a breeze.

115 235 69 6.9 MFC Free Race G10 40 6.0/8.0
125 235 75 7.1 MFC Free Race G10 44 7.0/9.0

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