NoveNove STYLE PRO Freestyle

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One of the most appreciated freestyle boards on the market today, the Style Pro is renowned for its’ strength and impact resistance during aerial maneuvers and hard landings. This same construction technology is now available from our Asian production facility. Our freestyle range has the same construction used on our wave boards. NoveNove has added 3mm PVC with “omega” cross-linked carbon reinforcements to the hull along with additional double pvc sandwich on the deck in the most high stress areas. The ultra-light matte finish gives further weight savings. The new Style Pro for 2015 has been redesigned with a shorter length and with a narrower and sharper nose for lower kickoff in aerial maneuvers whilst retaining the familiar features from our previous generation thus making this board accessible even for non-pro riders. These features include a ‘spock’ tail with higher rails making sliding fin-first safer and a ‘flaka’ nose to improve performan- ce and impact strength during frontside maneuvers.


90 226 59.5 5.8 MCF Freestyle RTM 18 4.0/5.7
100 227 62 6.0 MCF Freestyle RTM 20 4.2/6.0

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