Duo Boards – Wind Elite

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– 129L 229 x 76 cm ≈ 8.7 kg
– 140L 259 x 78 cm ≈ 9.8 kg

– Composite board performance with inflatable transportability.
– Hardboard riding feel in top speed, up-wind ability and maneuvers.
– Deep-Tuttle fin-box foil-proof for optional FOIL riding.
– Deep-Tuttle G10 40cm fin.
– Inflation within less than 30 seconds.
– Deflating and bag storage in less than30 seconds.
– Easy transport and storage efficiency.
– Original footstrap inserts with M8 iron screws with specific mast PAD adapter.
– Reduced pack size, fitted with a wheeled trolley bag.
– Airplane flight allowance check-in size.

The DUO WIND hard tails are fiberglass pressure molded, using high-density PVC sandwich composite, and laminated where necessary with carbon and bamboo. 2 optional models with identical costructions > ELITE / ECO.

All the DUO WIND models can be stowed away and transported inside a board bag, which can be carried as a backpack or pulled on its wheels: the size of the bag is 130 x 80 x 15 cm.

ELITE WIND has more sophisticated graphics, and a polished painted hardtail that requires a lot of skill and time to build, like any high-end fiberglass board.

Mere info her: https://www.duo-boards.com/duo-wind/

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129L 229 x 76 cm ≈ 8.7 kg, 140L 259 x 78 cm ≈ 9.8 kg


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